Adhering to a consumer driven business environment, we ensure that we produce superior quality products suitable for its intended use with high regards to functionality, structural integrity, and conformance to established industry standards and practices.

It is the commitment of our Company to meet these objectives in a manner that allows for consistency of product quality and optimum availability. We always make it a point to maintain sustainable business practices and provide superior customer service.

Our Company adopts a forward-looking, progressive approach; striving to maintain efficiency of operation that allows for profitability necessary to perpetuate continuous product improvement, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

It is recognized that the attainment of these objectives is the responsibility of all company operations according to their respective functions.


To be a thought leader in the Philippine food and beverage plastic products manufacturing industry by providing superior customer service and product quality, with a view on cultivating healthy long term supplier, customer, and stakeholder relationships.


The company aims to cultivate and sustain long term mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers and customers alike through consistently superior product quality and customer service, always with a forward-looking approach with regards to product innovation, and a continuous positive attitude in listening to and addressing customers’ feedback.